2 Low-Commitment Ways To Add Bold Touches To Your Bathroom

16 October 2015
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In the middle of a bathroom remodeling project, but can't decide on a design scheme? Bright colors are often an asset to bathrooms, but choosing a bold color might make you nervous about whether you will still like the choice next year. There are some different ways you can add bold touches to your bathroom without the commitment of a tiling project, complicated wall paint designs, or intricate flooring.

Here are a couple of low-commitment ways to add bold touches to your bathroom remodel.

Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper comes in a wide variety of colors and styles that let you have a bold accent wall that is as easy to remove later as it is to put up. The wallpaper has a self-adhesive backing that is tacky enough for the wallpaper to stick to the wall even in the humid conditions of the bathroom. But the backing doesn't adhere to the underlying wall or paint so much that removing the wallpaper is difficult. Simply take hold of a corner and start peeling to remove.

Putting up the wallpaper only requires some patience and a flat, firm tool like a trowel. You want to smooth the paper out as you move along the wall so that there aren't any wrinkles, but you also want to avoid pulling it too tight. Pulled tight wallpaper can start curling or pulling up at the edges once it has had time to set.

What removable wallpaper designs suit a bathroom? Consider using a bold orange, teal, or even yellow in a geometric pattern on a wall near a window that will allow natural light to catch the beauty of the wallpaper.

Vinyl Tile Stickers

Similar to removable wallpaper, vinyl tile stickers provide the look of decorated tile without any of the grouting commitment. You can find the tile stickers online and in many craft stores in a variety of colors and designs. Moroccan and Mexican tile designs have particularly bold colors and intricate designs.

The stickers simply peel off the backing and stick right onto the wall. You can place the stickers over similarly sized existing tile or on a flat wall to give the illusion of tiling. The stickers are waterproof so you can use them in the shower, but the backing might loosen some in the heat. Instead, try using the tiles as a backsplash behind your sink or as accents around a large, frameless mirror.