Making Your Kitchen Appear Larger

30 November 2015
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If you have a small kitchen which you wish to appear larger, there are several steps you can take in making this a success. Tricking the eyes into seeing a larger space can be done with the use of color, light, and furniture placement. Here are some ways you can make your kitchen feel bigger than it really is.

Utilizing Cabinets

The cabinets in a kitchen are often the focal point. In a smaller kitchen, these can be used to your advantage in making the area feel larger. Consider making the cabinets look taller by placing shelves on top of them. While cabinets have tops to be used for storage, often they are recessed a bit, hiding the items placed on them from view. Adding shelves at a higher level will draw the eyes upward, making the room feel larger as a result.

Add Mirrored Panels

Mirrors instantly make a room feel larger. Place a few mirrors in your kitchen to help create the vision of additional space. Place a mirror inside a rustic wood frame to give your kitchen a country feel. Use mirrored tiles among porcelain ones on the back splash area behind your sink or stove. Place a few mirrored magnets on your refrigerator, stove, and other metal surfaces. Replace your toaster oven and microwave with ones that have mirror-like exteriors.

Lighten And Brighten

Paint your kitchen walls in a light shade to help draw in natural light. Make sure to keep your windows open during sunny times to help brighten the room as well. When artificial light is needed in a kitchen, use wall lamps instead of overhead lighting. This will brighten the entire room rather than directing the light toward the floor area. Consider placing track lighting on the ceiling to direct light toward separate areas of the room. This will cause the eyes to look in several different directions to see everything illuminated, making the mind think the room is bigger.

Remove Extras

A cluttered room will feel smaller than one with only a few interesting pieces to look at. Instead of using precious counter space to hold boxes of food or appliances, place them in a closet or pantry out of view. Put your trashcan inside a bottom kitchen cupboard to free up space in the room. Consider placing organizational shelves and bins inside your cabinets to help keep the kitchen organized. If you have a separate dining area, forego placing an extra table and chairs in the kitchen area to free up space needed for meal preparation. Consider placing a small island in this area instead.

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