How To Update Your Bathroom Style

28 May 2016
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As your home ages, certain rooms and elements throughout it can start to look outdated. The bathroom is no exception. In fact, many elements will not only look out of style after a few years, they will also start to wear down. For instance, your showerhead might get clogged or the hardware on your shower doors might get loose. Both of these problems are common, but very easy to fix. This article explains how you can replace your showerhead and the hardware on your shower doors to update the style of the room. You will be surprised how these little design elements can alter the look of your room.

Changing the Hardware

The easiest part of the job is removing the hardware. However, you might need a miniature Phillips head screwdriver to loose a screw or two. Many handles and rails on sliding glass doors can even be removed by just twisting them with your hand. Regardless, with either a wrench, screwdriver or your hands, removal should be straightforward. The holes that are predrilled through the glass doors are usually universal so you should have no problem finding hardware that fits perfectly.

Make sure you find a product that looks good with your new showerhead. Many manufacturers will actually make both, so this will be very easy. It should still be easy if you are choosing brushed or stainless steel products. Since these are so common, you should have no problem finding complimentary products.

Changing the Showerhead

Changing the showerhead is usually very simple. It is only difficult if there is calcium build up on the fitting, particularly around the threads. If this is the case, you want to spray some calcium cleaner on the connection and let it break down the build up. Then, it will be much easier to twist off the showerhead with a wrench. All you need to install the new showerhead is the same wrench and some plumbers tape. Clean the thread on the shower pipe before wrapping it in the tape. Now you can attach the new showerhead. Make sure you make it very tight so no water leaks.

This simple upgrade will help make your bathroom look more modern. Also, new showerheads are much more water efficient. In fact, if you want the most eco-friendly product, you should invest in a product with a Water Sense rating. This basically means that the showerhead uses less than 2.0 gallons per minute. If you have an old showerhead, this will probably help you save a lot of water on a daily basis. Contact a contractor that offers help with bathroom remodeling for more information.