Adding an Island in a Kitchen Remodel? 3 Ways to Maximize its Functionality

1 June 2016
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Most kitchen features happen along the walls with sinks, counters, shelving, and appliances. In many kitchens, this can leave a great deal of open space in the middle of the room. While some people may like it and want to keep it that way, you can use it to bring more function to the kitchen. Adding an island to is the perfect solution to fill up this space, but you should not choose just any island; you should have it customized to provide maximum functionality. Here are a few ways to do that.

Overhang the Countertop

An easy way to get more workspace with an island without adding much higher costs is with a countertop overhang. For an island, you can afford to make a 12-inch overhang without needing additional support. Having an overhang will give people's feet a foot's worth of clearance for sitting down comfortably. This is perfect for when you intend on eating some meals at the island, instead of in the dining room. Extra counter space also gives you more room for cutting, preparing, fitting in a sink, and eating.

Add Plumbing for a Sink

If you have to constantly switch between using your kitchen sink for preparing food and washing dishes, you can add a sink with your island to put an end to this balancing situation. It makes it easier to organize each space, as well as keep the kitchen clean when you are in the process of cooking up meals.

Use the Best Storage

The ideal storage for an island depends on what you intend on storing. If you do not have a great space for putting large pots and pans, you will find that open shelving is the perfect solution. No longer will you have to concern yourself with pulling oversized pots from inside a cabinet and clacking all the corners. Another reason to choose open shelving is for displaying kitchenware, just make sure it is not fragile.

If you already have a tidy place for your pots and pans, you may want to opt for standard cabinets. This will prevent your collection of dinnerware from making your kitchen look like a mess.

Putting a portable island in the kitchen is a quick and easy way to get more storage and function. But, taking the time to work with a kitchen remodeling contractor on a customized island can get you one that greatly enhances what you are able to accomplish in the kitchen. For more ideas, contact services like Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen.