Attractive Ideas For Adding Bay Windows To Your House

2 June 2016
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Homeowners often use replacement windows as a method for updating the look of their home. New windows can function like an eyelift for your house. However, if you choose to add a bay window bump out to your house, you can also somewhat alter your lifestyle. A bay window bump out is a relatively painless method for adding space and light to your rooms as well as architectural interest to your house's façade. Consider integrating bay windows into your remodel plans.

Bedroom Window Seat

There's something charming about sitting in the window, whiling away the hours. Just adding a small bay window bump out in the bedroom affords you enough room for a window seat. It's possible to furnish the new space with a loveseat or set of chairs. However, consider having a banquet seat built into the bump out. You can top the bench with comfortable cushions that promote your chosen décor style. As a bonus, the interior of the banquet seat can be used for storage – you can even have it customized with drawers or shelving.

Bathroom Soaking

If sitting in a window enjoying the view is a pleasure, imagine soaking in a bathtub while doing so. If you're remodeling your bathroom, consider adding a bay window bump out as a space for your soaking tub. Additionally, contractors can use the narrow spaces between windows for shelving to hold your bathing necessities. If privacy is a concern, you can have the windows outfitted with a reflective coating that allows you to look out but no one to look in.

Sitting Room Niche

Transform a corner of your living room into a sitting room with a larger bay window bump out. This addition should be big enough to accommodate seating for two to four people. Style-wise, consider having windows with transoms installed. If you select half-circle transom windows, the overall effect is of arches. This lends a classical appeal to your sitting room niche. As a bonus, the increased glass lets more light stream into your living room.

Breakfast Nook 

One of the most classic uses for a bay window bump out is turning a corner of a kitchen into a breakfast nook. As with the sitting room niche, the bump out has to be slightly larger. Better Homes and Gardens suggests having this bump out constructed with a wall of windows to let more sunlight in. You can select windows with multiple panes of glass or picture-style, depending on the décor of your room. Here is another place where banquet seating helps make better use of the space.

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