Remodeling Your Kitchen? Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Cabinets Over Pre-Fab

3 June 2016
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Remodeling a kitchen can be both an exciting and stressful event. You lose the use of your kitchen for at least a day or more, but when the remodeling contractors are finished with it you cannot wait to use this beautiful "new" room again. One aspect of a kitchen remodel, the cabinets, can really make the kitchen look like an entirely different space, but should you use pre-fabricated cabinets or ask the contractors to design and build custom cabinets? When price is not a deciding factor, you should choose the custom cabinets, and here is why.

Most Pre-fab Cabinets Are Built with Lesser-Quality Wood

While pre-fab cabinets look nice on the surface and they install quickly, they are made of lesser-quality wood. Many times they are made of particle board, masonite or "sandwich" board, which does not hold up very well and eventually peels, flakes and chips. Then you would have spent all that money to remodel your kitchen only to have it deteriorate again some years down the road.

Most Pre-fab Cabinets Are L-Shaped Components (Which May Not Fit Your Kitchen)

Most pre-fab cabinets are L-shaped, meaning that they are designed to fit around your kitchen sink and end with the bar of the "L" off to the right or left of the sink. This makes them a little awkward to fit, especially in kitchens that are not large enough or compatible with the L-shaped components. You are also limited to the available amenities in a particular style of cabinet (e.g., the pull-out garbage can drawer may not be available for the pre-fab style you choose). Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are made to fit the space you have perfectly. You can have cabinets anywhere in your kitchen that you want to put them, and they can be as deep or as wide as your kitchen will allow.

Your Custom Cabinets Are Entirely Unique

Custom cabinets allow you to pick the type of wood (e.g., oak, cherry, etc.) you want, the finish you want, and you get a uniquely designed cabinet front that is nothing like the pre-fab cabinets. You can also do a custom cabinet with a pre-fab facing, if you really like a particular style of cabinet door or facade, but you want the strength and durability of solid wood in your cabinets. You can even special order the hardware for hinges and handles and can request custom amenities, making the customized kitchen the better choice.

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