Want To Cut Down On Costs In The Kitchen? 3 Upgrades To Consider

4 June 2016
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Although many people consider their water bill to be a minor expense, it can add up quickly. In major cities all around the country, water prices have been consistently increasing for the past few years. This increases your expenses as a homeowner without using more water than your normally do. So, it is an ideal time to invest in kitchen upgrades in your kitchen remodel that will minimize how much water is consumed in your home.

Water Filtration System

Some homeowners will invest in a whole-house water filtration system because it makes it convenient to get filtered drinking water from any faucet in the entire house. The problem is that filtering water inevitably wastes some water by getting rid of the contaminants and providing you with clean water. It is best to just get a filtration system for the kitchen as this will keep waste to a minimum. But, you will find it in your best interest to avoid reverse-osmosis water systems as it is just too wasteful to be worthwhile. A standard under-sink water filtration system that requires filter changes is a great choice.


Washing dishes by hand may seem like the most cost-effective option because you can fill up one side of the sink, wash everything, and then rinse all of the dishes at the same time. But, ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers are just more effective at thoroughly cleaning your dishes and using less water. With the ability to save up to 5,000 gallons per year, you should not pass up this valuable addition to the kitchen.


When you wash your hands or when you do have to clean dishes by hand because they are not dishwasher-safe, you do not want to be using a kitchen faucet with a high gallons-per-minute (GPM) rating. If you have a faucet that you actually like, you should give it a test with a flow rate bag. This can determine how much water is consumed while using the faucet to see if the smart thing to do is upgrade. Opting for one that is 1.5 GPM or lower will noticeably reduce your water consumption in the kitchen.

Some of these changes can actually improve your experience in the kitchen, whether it is with washing dishes or preventing you from having to buy filtered water at the store. But, you can be confident that all of them will bring down your monthly expenses by reducing how much water is used.