3 Tips To Make Your Replacement Windows Zombie-Proof

5 June 2016
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An estimated 14% of American citizens believe that there is a small chance a zombie apocalypse could occur at some point in the future. If you think that your home might one day be overrun by zombies, you will want to ensure that your home's exterior presents a formidable fortress against the undead.

Windows can present easy entry points, so taking the time to ensure your windows are built to withstand a zombie attack can help you feel more confident in your home's security level.

Here are three tips you can use when investing in replacement windows to ensure your home's windows are zombie-proof.

1. Make sure you invest in reinforced glass.

If you are worried that an attacking zombie might be able to easily punch his or her way through your home's windows, investing in reinforced glass will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is secure. As you consider your options when replacing your home's windows, it may be beneficial to choose tempered glass panes.

Because of the unique accelerated cooling process used to create tempered glass, these panes are four to five times stronger. Installing replacement windows with tempered glass panes is a simple way to ensure your windows are zombie-proof in the future.

2. Install window alarms.

Investing in replacement windows that come equipped with alarms can be a simple way to help protect your home from being breached during a zombie attack. Motion-activated alarms that are installed on modern windows alert you when the window is opened.

If a zombie attempts to open your windows in order to gain access to your home, you will be able to arm yourself before the zombie attacks thanks to the advance warning provided by a window alarm. Be sure to as your contractor about installing window alarms on all your new windows.

3. Replace timber sashes.

When you are investing in replacement windows for your home, it's important that you keep the structural integrity of the sash (the frame that holds your windows in place) in mind. If your home is equipped with timber sashes, these could be weak points in your home's security during a zombie attack.

Timber sashes can become soft or rotted as they are exposed to the elements over time. A zombie could easily use his or her nails and strength to break through a damaged timber sash and remove the windows from your home completely. Opting to upgrade to an aluminum or steel sash instead can make your home more secure.

Replacing your home's windows can be beneficial in keeping your home protected in the event a zombie attack occurs. Be sure that you invest in reinforced glass, window alarms, and the replacement of timber sashes to prepare your home's windows to withstand zombies in the future. For more information, check with companies like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc.