How To Work With An Architectural Designer To Remodel Your Residence

6 June 2016
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When you plan to remodel or build an addition on your current residence, you can often benefit from the skills and expertise of an architectural designer. Architectural designers have many of the same skills as certified architects but do not hold the same degrees and licenses. Architectural designers have expertise in the planning and designing of architectural spaces and can advise you as to the best way to achieve your project goals before you begin construction. Here are some of the ways that you can work with an architectural designer on your home remodeling project:

  • Measurements and Drawings - An architectural designer will photograph and measure the interior and exterior of your home and property and discuss your desired final goals for your remodeling project. He or she will then make preliminary hand sketches to begin the design process. With your approval, your architectural designer will then finalize the project designs using CAD software. These blueprint drawings will specify the placement and exact measurements of all aspects of your remodeled building and grounds. These drawings will also list all materials that you already have on hand and materials that will need to be purchased.   
  • Financial Budget - An architectural designer will create and finalize a construction budget for your remodeling project. He or she will work with you to stay within your budget constraints and use all of the materials that you already have in your current residential building. If you need to purchase materials for your project, an architectural designer may already have established relationships with material and service vendors in your area to purchase new materials at a fair price. 
  • Utility Installation Plans - An architectural designer can configure the placement and most energy efficient use of needed utilities for your home remodeling project. This includes underground placement of all water, gas, electrical, and sewer lines and connections. An architectural designer can plan the location of these lines and connections so that they will not interfere with any  building projects that you may want to complete in the future. 
  • Code Compliance - An architectural designer will be knowledgeable of all applicable local and state building codes within your particular location. He or she will make sure that your construction plans are in complete conformance and compliance with these building codes and advise you how to acquire any approvals or clearances that you will need from local or state administrative offices. 

When you do not need the full services of a certified architect, like Steven R Savino Architect, for a residential remodeling project, you can work with an architectural designer. With their skills and assistance, you can have detailed final project drawings, a complete and accurate construction budget, ecological utility installation plans, and a list of applicable code compliance instructions. With these items, you will be completely prepared to proceed with the actual construction of your project with a building contractor.