How To Paint A Basement Floor

7 June 2016
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Many homeowners who dream of remodeling their basement hesitate because that bare concrete floor is so uninviting. Luckily, painting your basement floor is a great way to transform the entire space. If your home has a basement you have been fantasizing of remodeling, read on. This article will teach you how to reinvent it with a coat of floor paint.

The Paint

Not just any paint will work for covering a concrete floor. Rather you will want to select an epoxy paint--more properly known as epoxy coating. Unlike latex paint, applying epoxy coating results in a water tight surface. Not only that, but it is formulated so as to withstand the cycles of expansion and contraction that naturally occur as the concrete responds to the temperature changes between seasons.

Prep Work

Before you get started, it's important to set yourself up for success. One of the key factors here is the temperature of the basement. To avoid discoloration or improper hardening, be sure that the temperature is no less than 50 degree Fahrenheit. Use space heaters to raise the temperature, if necessary. Likewise, a humidifier should be set up if the basement seems excessively humid.

Next you'll want to repair any cracks in the concrete using either caulk or a concrete patching compound. Any raised or uneven sections of the floor should be sanded level. While these may be easy to avoid when the concrete is bare, they will be much harder to notice once you've applied your epoxy coating. Avoid letting them become dangerous tripping hazards.


Your epoxy coating won't bond properly to the concrete alone. Instead, you'll need to first apply a coat of the appropriate primer. This will help to ensure optimal bonding, and thus keep the epoxy from cracking, flaking, or peeling. Apply the primer evenly using a long-handled roller brush, and allow it to dry completely before proceeding.


Avoid sloppy results by using painter's tape to cover the base of the walls where they meet the floor. Then use a hand brush to apply the coating to the edges of the floor. Once you've painted the perimeter of the room in this fashion, you'll likely find it easier to switch to using a paint roller. Paint the entire floor in this manner, allow it to dry for at least a day, and then apply additional layers. Three or four coats of paint should prove sufficient.