Turning Plain Into Extraordinary: 3 Ways To Decorate Plain Wall Tiles For The Kitchen

8 June 2016
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If you enjoy designing and decorating your kitchen, you can't go wrong with installing wall tiles. Wall tiles transform plain walls into something that is fit for a showroom. Finding the right design and style can be difficult, so consider making your own by redecorating the plain tiles you find. This will give you a lot more creative freedom. Decorating a plain tile is much easier than it looks. Here are 3 ways you can transform plain and boring tiles into something extraordinary.

Create Keepsakes with Your Children

Why not decorate tiles in your kitchen with your children in order to have a constant keepsake of them? Using non-toxic, washable children's paint, decorate individual tiles with unique designs. Seal the tiles with a non-toxic sealant after the tiles have been fully decorated to preserve them.

Handprints are a popular design. You can further enhance the handprints by drawing on flowers, animals, and more. These decorative tiles will not only brighten up your kitchen, but will also lighten up your mood.

Go Professional with Vinyl Decals

If you're looking for something a bit more professional, then you can't go wrong with vinyl decals. You'll find an assortment of decals – from lettering to other abstract patterns -- at craft and decorating stores and even home improvement stores near you.

To ensure that the vinyl decals will adhere onto the tiles for a long time, clean the tiles with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth first. This will remove any dirt, dust or other particulates that may be stuck on the surface. Use a craft stick or even a credit card to smooth out the bubbles when you lay the vinyl decals in place.

Add More Dimensions with Beads or Other Items

You can also easily add more dimensions and depths to the tiles by gluing on beads, trinkets, and other items using a hot glue gun. Make sure to choose trinkets that are relatively lightweight, as they will be more likely to adhere onto the tiles for good.

To further preserve your designs and keep the tiles in good condition, seal the tiles with a non-toxic sealant. This will also help make cleaning the tiles much easier in the future.


Decorate the tiles however you like, but consider matching the tiles to the style and design of the kitchen. You can use these techniques to create and make wall tiles of various themes. These tiles can completely transform the atmosphere and style of your kitchen in an inexpensive and easy way.