What A Homeowner Should Know About Black Mold

9 June 2016
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Have you been dealing with congested sinuses a lot lately and have no idea why? It is in your best interest to get your house inspected for black mold because you are experiencing one of the numerous health symptoms that it can cause. Black mold can actually end up being fatal if you are exposed to it long enough. Take a look at this article to gain a little more insight about black mold and getting it removed by an abatement specialist.

What Are Some of the Symptoms of Black Mold?

Black mold can cause symptoms that are minor, or the symptoms can be severe. Symptoms that are similar to having a cold are commonly experienced from exposure to black mold. For instance, you might experience having watery eyes, coughing, sneezing and a stuffed up nose. When the symptoms become severe, you might experience damage to your internal organs and the development of cancer. You can also develop a severe lung infection from exposure to black mold.

How Can an Abatement Specialist Remove Black Mold?

After inspecting your house to find out where the black mold is located, an abatement specialist will be able to close off the affected areas to prevent spores from going into other rooms. For instance, doors and vents will be sealed. The specialist will also dampen the spores with water to make them harder to float into the air. An exhaust fan might be placed inside of a window to route spores out of your house during the abatement process. Removing the black mold will likely be done by removing it with a substance that contains bleach because it can disinfect the surfaces that are treated.

What Does Black Mold Abatement Cost?

The price for an abatement specialist to remove black mold from your house will depend on how much of it is present. The areas that the black mold is in will play a role in the overall price as well, such as if it is located in the ventilation system and walls. You are looking to pay up to $6,000 for mold abatement depending on how severe it is. Keep in mind that repaired damages from black mold can cost a minimum of $10,000 and up, such as if drywall must be replaced. Get in touch with a mold abatement specialist to find out if there is black mold in your house so it can be removed.

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