How To Make Meal-Time More Bearable During Your Kitchen Renovation

10 June 2016
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Having our kitchen renovated is an excellent way to improve its efficiency and comfort by catering to your personal preferences. The project can even increase your overall home value, which can come in handy if you decide to apply for a second mortgage or sell your property at some point in the future. But kitchen renovations tend to get in the way of convenience when it comes to meal-time. The following ideas will help you make meal-time more bearable while your kitchen is being renovated:

Set up a Makeshift Station

An excellent way to make sure that it's easy for the family to make food for breakfast, lunch, and on-the-go snacks, is to create a makeshift kitchen station where it's safe from the outdoor elements. The garage, a patio, or a porch would work well as a stage for a temporary kitchen because these spaces typically feature easy access to water through exterior spigots. Move your fridge to your chosen area and set up a makeshift counter using a folding table. Run a hose from an exterior spigot to the entrance of your temporary kitchen so you can make washing dishes quick and easy during renovations.

Plan a Few Picnics

Instead of worrying about dinner at the table every night of the week as your kitchen is being renovated, make your evening meal-time easy by planning a few picnics in the backyard. You can enjoy sandwiches and fresh fruit while playing a game together, or grill a few hot dogs on a backyard fire before roasting marshmallows and telling stories to one another – you'll have no need for the kitchen to prepare the meals and cleanup should be a piece of cake. Planned picnics are an effective way to turn the inconvenience of kitchen renovation into a fun and rewarding time spent with your family.

Go Raw for the Day

Including raw fruits and vegetables into your daily diet is a surefire way to increase your energy levels and minimize your need for visiting the doctor. While it's not necessary to eat an entirely raw food diet to take advantage of the power of fruits and veggies, it doesn't hurt to do a short cleanse and invigorate your body by going raw for a day. Buy a few pounds of bananas, apples, and oranges for your family to eat during breakfast and to take with them for snacks during their day. Make homemade collard wraps and a simple batch of coleslaw for your households' lunches.

Finish up the day with huge salads filled with all your favorite vegetables for color and nutrients, some sunflower seeds for extra protein, and some balsamic vinaigrette to top things off. Dried fruit makes a tasty and filling dessert that will put a sweet end to your day. You should find that your need to use a kitchen is minimal when eating raw throughout the day. There's no need for an oven or stove, and you don't have to worry about scrubbing any pots, pans, or dishes after meal-time.

These tips and tricks should help make it easier to eat while at home so the entire household can still comfortably enjoy each others' company at meal-time. Contact remodeling contractors like Woodharbor Kitchen & Bath for more advice on your kitchen remodeling project.