Three Simple Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Kitchen Remodel

15 June 2016
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While simple things like changing out the hardware on your cupboards can help to improve the looks of your kitchen on a budget, sometimes your kitchen has bad bones, damage, or otherwise needs a total overhaul. On the other hand, if you have just paid thousands of dollars to renovate your kitchen, you might be loathe to spend even more money dressing up and organizing your kitchen. This is where simple design and organization strategies can help to put the finishing touches on your new kitchen. 

An Old Window Shutter

One common design strategy is to upcycle old items. In other words, you take an old and nondescript item meant for one purpose, and you upgrade its looks and function to make it useful in a new situation. Old window shutters typically have louvers in them. By repainting the shutter and hanging it on the wall in your kitchen, you create an interesting piece of decoration. By attaching s-hooks to the shutter, you can use it to hang measuring cups, kitchen utensils, pots, and other items that you like to have close at hand. 

Bamboo Skewer Knife Storage

One way to improve the design and function of your kitchen is to use ordinary items in new ways. For example, most people only think of bamboo skewers in terms of preparing kabobs. If you fill a mason jar or ceramic pot with the skewers, you create an interesting design feature in your kitchen. You can also insert knives into tightly packed skewers, and they will hold the knives in place. A slotted knife block is boring, but a bamboo-skewer knife holder is both eye catching and useful. 

CD Racks for Tupperware Storage

Digital music has largely taken the place of CDs as the method of choice for storing and buying music, but that does not mean that CD racks don't have a purpose. In fact, they can fit easily into a kitchen drawer, and the slots in the CD racks are ideal for holding tupperware lids. In that tupperware is notorious for being hard to keep organized, a little out-of-the-box thinking may be just what you need to take a potentially useless item like a CD rack and make it supremely useful. 

When it comes to organizing and decorating your kitchen, you can spend big bucks on custom-made organization systems and designer wall-hangings, but you can do a lot on your own to dress up and improve the functionality of your kitchen without adding thousands of more dollars to your kitchen renovation budget. 

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