3 Tips To Help You Maximize The Performance Of Your Vinyl Siding

27 June 2016
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If you need to upgrade or replace the vinyl siding on your house this summer, here are four tips that will help you choose the best vinyl and get the most out of your vinyl siding.

Choose Thicker Siding

When choosing your vinyl siding, one of the purchasing choices you will be able to make is how thick you want your siding to be. Vinyl siding usually starts around .035 inches thick, and can be as thick as about half an inch.

The thicker the panel is, the less likely it is that the panel will become warped and sag over time. Thicker panels also tend to be able to withstand strong natural forces, such as wind storms.  Thicker panels usually include more built in support, which allows them to last longer and stay in better shape for an extended period of time.

Consider Insulated Siding

When you are purchasing vinyl siding, you are not just protecting the outside of your home. Depending on the choices that you make, your vinyl siding can also provide additional insulation for your home, which will help you regulate the temperature in your home better throughout the year.

You can purchase vinyl siding that is insulated for your home. A perk of purchasing vinyl siding that is insulated is that it tends to be thicker, and thus longer lasting.

Go For Seamless Siding

When you purchase vinyl siding in set lengths, you have to overlap the siding in order to protect all areas on the outside of your house. You have to create seams between the different lengths of vinyl siding. It is up to you or your contractor to cut the vinyl down to size and figure out how to make the vinyl fit on your home, kind of like a puzzle.

When you purchase seamless vinyl siding instead, there is no puzzle for you to solve. The siding is cut when purchased to the exact length and width of your walls so that it will fit seamlessly on all of your walls. You don't have to deal with making and sealing seams.

By going seamless, the outside of your home will have a smoother look and will have more fluid, smooth lines. Not only does seamless siding look better, you will have to perform less maintenance on your siding as you will not have to fill in and repair numerous seams on your vinyl siding.

When it comes time to purchase vinyl siding for your home, make sure that you pay attention to all the details. Work with your contractor to select vinyl siding that is thick, well insulated seamless and matches the visual look you want to create at the same time. Contact home builders in your area for more information.