Live In A Colder Climate? 4 Things To Include In Your Bathroom Remodel

4 July 2016
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Living somewhere that gets extremely cold during the winter can be frustrating, especially if you're somebody that needs to get up early in the morning for work or to prepare children for school. If you're somebody who needs to be up and getting ready when it's still cold out, you should look into how you can fix up your bathroom so that it is as comfortable to use as possible in the mornings.

By remodeling your bathroom with the weather in mind, you can make sure that your mornings are more comfortable and that you're adding more value to your home at the same time.

Towel Warmer

Hopping out of a warm shower or bathtub and standing somewhere else in your bathroom can be frustrating, especially since it's unlikely that your towel will be already be warm. Luckily, a towel warmer can be installed and mounted directly to the wall and can make an enormous difference in how warm you feel when you get out of the water. This is due to a towel being kept at the perfect temperature when the towel warmer is turned on before taking your shower.

Heated Flooring

Another way to make it more comfortable when you hop out of a warm shower or even when you first enter the bathroom is heated flooring. Since this can be expensive to have it installed in a bathroom with already new floors, it can be a good idea if you're getting new flooring installed with your bathroom remodel and want to be as comfortable as possible.

Improved Window Insulation

If your bathroom has any windows, it's a good idea to improve insulation while working on your bathroom remodel. This means checking the frames of the windows and adding any extra insulation. By improving insulation, you should notice an improvement to how comfortable your bathroom stays, along with improving the energy costs for keeping the bathroom warm through central heating.

Speedy Water Heater

It can be frustrating to try to walk in your bathroom to get in the shower or tub, only to discover that the water isn't warm enough to your liking. If your water heater is outdated or simply a poor quality model, it's likely the culprit. While a new water heater may not be installed directly in the bathroom, it can make an enormous difference in the comfort of your bathroom and adding value to your home.

Bathroom remodeling can be a fantastic way to make your home more valuable to potential homebuyers in the future along with making sure that your bathroom is a more comfortable place to use during cold winters.