How To Select Cabinet Material For A Household With Children

7 July 2016
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If you have children and are remodeling your kitchen, then you are probably concerned with the durability of your cabinetry as well as your ability to clean the surfaces of your cabinets. Children often write or color on cabinetry or accidentally dent or chip cabinets. Of the common materials used for cabinets these days, each has the ability to accommodate active households with young children as long as you make appropriate choices.  


If you plan to purchase solid wood or wood veneer cabinets, then you should select a hard wood that does not dent easily. Oak, hard maple, and cherry wood will be your best options, as they are all hard enough to prevent nicks and dents under light impact. You should avoid soft woods such as pine. You may also want to select a wood with a tight grain pattern. This will be more likely to mask pen or marker marks that you are unable to clean off. 

You should consider a high-gloss finish on your cabinets, as this will allow you to easily wipe off most marks and also allow you to use harsher cleaning chemicals when necessary. 


Laminate is perhaps the best option for houses with children. It is easy to clean and does not stain. However, it is important to opt for hard pressed laminate as opposed to soft-pressed laminate. Soft pressed laminate will chip easily whereas hard pressed laminate can withstand greater pressure. Additionally, you should opt for solid color laminate. This uses several layers of the same color, so if your cabinets are dented or scraped, the damage will not be as visible as it would with laminates that are not a solid color. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is an extremely durable option. It is unlikely that your children will accidentally dent your cabinets and all marks should either wash off or be easy to scrape off of the cabinetry. However, if you choose stainless steel, you should be prepared to wipe down your cabinets multiple times a day, as they tend to show fingerprints. This can be extra work for parents who are already busy with other tasks. 

Each of the common cabinet materials can make an excellent choice for a home with children. However, it is important that you make a few decisions that will allow you to protect your investment and keep your kitchen looking fresh for years to come. Contact a local outlet, such as Unity Cabinet & Granite, for further assistance.